Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Proof reading for (blogs) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Proof reading for (blogs) - Essay Example Watching this video excitement runs through the veins at first, though the same does not persist till the end. Though it is true that if people are celebrating a victory in war, perhaps they are somewhere forgetting some grave mistakes committed towards humanity. However, I think if people would watch this kind of videos, they would not support any kind of war and soldiers might even refuse to participate in a war. That might not be the best of solutions considering the fact that war is an evil necessity at times. The Shield of Achilles The Shield of Achilles written by W.H. Auden was a hard poem for me to understand. I went online to read and understand the story of Achilles before I started the poem. Achilles was a Greek hero who participated in the Trojan War. Achilles’ mother Thetis prayed to the Greek god Hephaestus to create an invincible armor for her son. Hephaestus made a shield for Achilles. In the first part of the poem Thetis was describing what she see for example War, peace, sun, moon, ocean, and dance. The shilled was referring to the new life. In the second part of the poem, Auden said â€Å"A plain without a features.† It refers to emptiness. ... Force According to Weil, there are three definitions of Force with diverse meaning. The first meaning of force is to kill. It comes from the part where it is said that â€Å"it is that x that turn anybody who is subjected to in into a thing† and â€Å" it makes a corpse† .The second definition of force is â€Å"that not kill just yet†. This kind of force has the ability to kill because of the word â€Å"yet†. Another interesting thing is â€Å"it turn a man to stone† which mean no feeling. Also, the word â€Å"stone† mean no thinking and refers to the fact that he or she would act without thinking. In page 167 it gave example where force can remove human feeling, where it refers to the story of Achilles when he killed Hector. The Third definition is who use Force is foul. There is no one who is as strong that he can control everything in the world. Even though Achilles was the greatest of worriers; he was scare of the forces because it was bi gger than him. The Homer’s Iliad is considered as a war poem because it talked about the Troy and Trojan War. Guernica The first time I looked to the painting, it was like a drawing made by a kid. After having the class dictation, I got the idea that Picasso did mean several things in this painting. There is a woman on the left side of the photo holding a baby, which refers on how war can kill kids and innocent people. There is a flower almost in the middle of the painting, which refer to the future or it may mean that life may come again. Picasso draws a light beam as a path to future. There is a man who has a large foot and trying to reach the light but he can’t, because it looks like his foot is pulling him away from the light. In the

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